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School Profile

St Scholastica’s Catholic Primary School has a strong connection with Our Mother Mary. Our motto is ‘To Jesus through Mary’ and though the Marist Sisters no longer teach at St Scholastica’s, their legacy remains strong. St Scholastica’s, in building a vital sense of community, upholds beliefs about the worth and dignity of each person, the school is therefore centred around the gospel values. Considerable focus has been placed on policies and practices to ensure that the spirit and vision of the Christian story should permeate throughout the whole of the curriculum.

Our vision and mission are linked to our learning and teaching philosophy  where we attempt to offer a holistic education with an emphasis on outcomes where all students succeed but at different times according to varying levels of readiness, and where a caring culture provides the children with a safe and secure environment in which to learn.

St Scholastica’s has an enrolment of 140 students,  and nearly 20 countries represented in our school population. This comprises a significant multicultural population. With a dedicated staff to support the various needs we ensure that effective communication and appropriate support frameworks are set in place. To this end, we have structures set up and appropriate leadership frameworks in place that support everyone’s needs. We are situated on the corner of Burwood Highway and Starling Street, which provide significant space for learning areas as well as playground for the students. Our modern community centre is located on our school grounds with easy access for school and community functions. Our 21st Century Library Resource centre is a central part of our students’ learning.

School Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

At St Scholastica’s school, in partnership with parents and parish community, we nurture children in a positive and supportive environment, where, with Christ at the centre of our Catholic beliefs and traditions, children learn life long values. We respect the dignity of each member of our school community by celebrating individual differences, talents and abilities. We strive to produce confident, independent learners who will respond and contribute positively in a complex and ever-changing world.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at St.Scholastica’s School is to educate the children to follow the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels, and centred in the Doctrine and Tradition of the Catholic faith. We aim to nurture this faith development in an environment of loving care and acceptance. We strive to provide a relevant and challenging curriculum through which we will promote a love of and desire for learning, and develop academic potential foster independent learning. In this positive atmosphere the child is encouraged to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and aesthetically.



Miss Jennifer  Rohan

Deputy  Principal

Noelene Clarke

Religious Education Coordinator

Mrs Silvana Dimattina

Learning and Teaching Leader

Mrs Kasey  Easdown

Literacy Leader

Mrs Kasey  Easdown

Numeracy Leader

Mrs Kasey Easdown

ICT Leader

Mrs Tamara Prioriello

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Mrs Noelene Clarke

Performing Arts

Brooke Cincotta


Mrs Marissa Kilbride

Physical Education

Mrs Carolyn Day

LOTE/Visual Arts

Mrs Silvana Dimattina


Miss Sarah McDonald & Mrs Fran Manton & Katherine Presley

Reading Recovery

Mrs Jenni Gardiner


Mrs Marie Zamagni, Mrs Donna Allen


Mrs Tamara Prioriello

Year 1/2

Miss Brooke Cincotta

Year 1/2

Mrs Marissa Kilbride and Mrs Nerina Marotta

Year 3/4

Mr Steven McNamara

Year 3/4

Mrs Micki Smith

Year 5/6

Mrs Alison Sandy and Mrs Carolyn Day

Year 5/6

Mrs Clare Davis

House Groups

Donlan House


Frank Donlan was the first lay principal at St Scholastica’s Primary School.

MacKillop House


Mary MacKillop is Australia’s first saint.

Phillips House


Patricia Phillips was a long serving principal who made a profound impact on curriculum development and the education of the students here at St Scholastica’s Primary School.

Maltby House


Fr George Maltby was first parish priest at St Scholastica’s Primary School, overseeing many buildings and practices still enjoyed today.